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How to setup a Prune job and Garbage collection.

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Prune Job/Garbage Collection.

There are 2 ways to set retentions for Proxmox Backup Server. You can do this when you add your PBS to PVE, and you can do this through your datastore on Proxmox backup server.

The best option is to set retentions on your Proxmox backup datastore. I will explain to you here how to do this.


1. Go to your Proxmox backup server datastore.

2. Click on Prune & GC

3. Add Prune job


4. You can fill your own custom prune job how you like it. If you would like to see examples of how it works, you can try this at:

Don't forget to set the enabled button!


Garbage Collection:

After you have set up your Prune Jobs it is also useful to set up a garbage collector. This ensures that old backups (according to your prune job) are being removed.

Click on the “Prune and GC” tab. Double-click on the “Garbage Collection Schedule” line under the “Garbage collection” section. Select a schedule or type in the schedule of your choosing and press “OK”.



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