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Setup sync to remote Proxmox Backup Server

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You can sync your Proxmox Backup Server to our Proxmox Backup Service. We will pull your backups every hour, so no large chunks will be transferred. You can't push it to us due to the rights you get on your PBS account. If you supply us with the following information we can setup a sync job for you. (This is only available for paid accounts)


You need to provide the following information:

  1.  A user (or API key) with DatastoreReader permissions on the datastore to be synchronized.
  2. Password
  3. Hostname of your PBS server.
  4. If this server is provided with a self signed certificate, we also need the fingerprint.
Here we explain how to do this:


1. Log in to your PBS environment.

2. Go to access control.

3. Add a user for the sync job:



4. After this click on your datastore

5. Click on permissions.

6. Click on Add -> User permission. 

You will see the following screen:


Path: Here you need to choose the datastore you want to sync (/datastore/yourdatastorename/ (The path probably already defined)

User: Add the user you just created.

Role: Datastoreadmin.

(Now you are done with the user part)


7. Now we still need the hostname (or IP) and if you have a self-signed certificate, then we need the fingerprint

You can find the fingerprint at the dasboard (Blue button: show fingerprint)


8. Provide us with the username, password, hostname (or IP) and fingerprint (if needed)

9. We will take care of the sync configuration on our part.

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