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Automated 7 Day Renewal Reminder - Should i do anything?

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Domain names are always automaticly renewed when registered with us. If you doubt if a domain name has a valid subscription, you can login at and check the subscriptions.

We will never send a mail with: Click here to renew the subscription since automatic renewal is default.

The domain registrars will send you an email to let you know that your domain name will expire. You also may ignore these unless you do not have a valid subscription.

The mail looks like:
This is an automated message concerning the status of your domain name. The following domainname reaches its expiration date within 7 days from today on 2018-02-04:
The renewal of your domainname will (if applicable) be performed under the terms of your hosting provider. Please contact your hosting provider for more information about renewing your domain name.
We thank you for your continued business. For any questions on this notice, please contact your domain provider.

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