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Setting up an Tuxis EdgeWall DHCP server

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EdgeWall is the Tuxis Marketplace appliance with which you can set up and manage networks for your customers. With the simple EdgeWall GUI, you can easily transform your appliance into:

  • DMZ router: Shield servers in a DMZ
  • Firewall: Protect ports, block countries and filter traffic
  • DHCP server
  • DNS server


Setting up DHCP with EdgeWall consists of two kinds of configuration:

  • Configuring DHCP ranges. DHCP will broadcast in these ranges and hand out leases in the specified range.
  • Configuring static DHCP leases. DHCP will always assign the same IP addressto the specified network interface, and the specified machine hostname will be served by DNS.

Getting started

Follow the instructions below to set up a DHCP server with EdgeWall.

  • Navigate to
  • Click 'EdgeWall'
  • Click 'DHCP'

7b55fbecf7f2b54c038ec2a2d90cf0e106272650?t=871c695c3498f878e3a88ba09bbc7314 DHCP configuration screen

Configuring DHCP range

  • Click 'Add DHCP range'

75588f3dc9624c59d7f0f8c52b118767f03b7c72?t=57009e4971f3955bd1f4a9b3411ba7a7 Create DHCP range form

Enter the following fields:

  • Description

    Description: Description (own reference)
    Example: Public range 1
  • Begin IP

    Description: Start of IP address range DHCP will hand out IP addresses in
  • End IP

    Description: End of IP address range DHCP will hand out IP addresses in
  • Netmask

    Description: Netmask of prefix size on link
    Example: (in case of /24)
  • Router advertisements

    Description: Whether to send router advertisements. Router advertisements are supported by IPv6 only. If this is disabled, IPv6 DHCP clients will not be handed out a default gateway.
  • Lease time in days

    Description: Validity of DHCP lease in days before new lease is handed out. This period should not be too long, so IP addresses are freed in time. This period should also not be too short, so a DHCP server outage would not cause immediate impact.
    Example: 7 days (recommended)

Then click 'Submit'.

Configuring static DHCP lease

  • Click 'Add DHCP lease'

1c1aade4b611c8e383b44a22fb5631f8624d9951?t=ecb30f22af38eb6a6e40cf319357c6f8 Create static DHCP lease form

Enter the following fields:

  • Hostname

    Description: Hostname of the device this static DHCP lease is for. This hostname will be used in two ways:

    - The hostname of the device will be changed to the hostname specified here, when a DHCP lease is handed out.
    - This name will resolve to the specified IP address when doing a DNS query to the EdgeWall instance's DHCP server.


  • IP address

    Description: Static IP address of the device. DHCP will always hand out this same IP address to the device with the specified MAC address. An overlapping DHCP range must exist.
  • MAC address

    Description: Network interface's MAC address of device. The MAC address is used to determine which device to assign this static lease to.
    Example: 75:b5:9b:b4:94:75

Using DHCP

Now that the DHCP server is configured, devices on the same link directly or through a DHCP proxy will receive DHCP leases. Configure your networking service to accept DHCP instead of static IP addresses configured locally.

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