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Coounting of storage using in

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You store and use files in FilesOnline.eul. The files and versions saved count towards your storage usage.

The service is billed per user and for each user the total storage is increased by 25 Gbyte.

Space is also used by:


When you edit files, versions of them are saved after you save the file. Each version also consumes space. This space is not seen as personal use in the user overview but it is counted as usage. The retention of versions is as follows:

  • The 1st second, 1 version is saved
  • The 1st 10 seconds, 1 version every 2 seconds
  • The 1st minute 1 version every 10 seconds
  • The 1st hour, 1 version every minute
  • The 1st 24 hours, 1 version every hour
  • The 1st 30 days, 1 version every day
  • After 30 days, 1 version every week

The versions always shift according to this pattern when a new version is made. However, no version is ever used in excess of 50% of a user's free space. For a user with no limit, 50% does not apply.

Versions are stored for a maximum of 180 days!

Recycle bin

When you delete a file, it goes to the Recycle Bin. By default, these files are deleted after 60 days if necessary for space reasons. In other words, if you do not give a user a limit and he has 10 GB in the recycle bin, it will stay there for 60 days or until the user empties the recycle bin.

You can view the Recycle Bin through the web interface. The button is located at the bottom left of your screen after you log in.

Setting limits

Log in as a user with editing rights and set a limit for users. This ensures that you never use more than expected. The only drawback is that the user has a small recycle bin and few or no versions.

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