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Upload ISO on TCC

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To set up a VPS you need an operating system. Many are in the Marketplace but you canĀ upload ISOs to our daDup storage. As a result, ISOs do not come at the expense of primary TCC storage.

  • Log into your TCC and navigate links to 'daDup' under any node.

efc452be15363d4530573b045440a2b28706af62?t=13e31acc583cfb9bcd78bb3f4b3fdcd8 daDup on TCC

  • Click on 'Content' and then on 'Upload'. You can upload an ISO file here. It may take a while to upload.

62d15e37a1f2bc6f1482126b6fd07879ab2f2467?t=4d7b8657983883d5612788c5dc7071bf Upload ISO to TCC

  • You will see the ISO file appear once it has been uploaded. You can now create a virtual machine with the new ISO.

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