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Never forget your password again

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A password manager is a tool in which you can safely store login names, passwords and information (such as private keys).
There are two types:

  • Online. You also have an account on a website where the passwords are stored. How safe it is depends on the supplier. Such services are of course a sought-after target.
  • In a file. In addition, there is a heavily encrypted file that you keep on your PC. You can synchronize that file with, for example, Option 2 is the safest as long as you protect it with a decent password. We describe here the steps for using a Keepass password database.

1. Download Keepass XC and install it:
Keepass XC is the program with which you can open and view the database file. For the smartphone and tablets there are also tools to open such a file. One of them is Keepass Touch (iPhone)

2. Create a new database. You must provide a password. The more characters you use for that, the better. Examples of good passwords that are easy to remember:
  1. My smartphone beeps on my bedside table especially at 7:00 am
  2. When I pull the plug from my computer, he doesn't really like that at startup
  3. Dry yourself with a wet towel in the morning is very difficult

See that they are almost normal sentences with words that are not very common and especially many characters.

3.  You are ready to fill it.
See some screenshots of the software here:
You do not have to use all functionality.

Basically, you save a login name, password and URL.
You can save every password, even temporary, in Keepass.
Let Keepass generate long passwords. After all, you don't have to type them in any way.

Use your Keepass file on more devices

That's where comes in. This allows you to use files on multiple workstations, on mobile devices and share them with employees and even third parties.
If you purchase the service, it is a matter of saving the Keepass database in a folder that is synchronized and determining who else should have access to that file.

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