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How to add your Proxmox backup server to PVE

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How to add your Proxmox backup server to PVE:

1. Go to your PVE environment, and log in.

2. Go to the datacenter tab.

3. Press on storage.

4. Click on add.


5. Select Proxmox backup server.


6. Enter the information you received from Tuxis in the email.


ID: you can enter something yourself, this does not matter.

Server: Check your email from tuxis to see which server you are on. (looks like

Username: This is your DB number with @pbs after it. @pbs stands for the realm.

Password: You will receive the password via SMS or e-mail. (If you received the password via email, you must change it before use!)

Nodes: your choice.

Enable: The checkbox must be checked.

Datastore: Enter the datastore name you received in your email from Tuxis.

Namespace: This is optional, you have to create a namespace first on your Tuxis PBS datastore.

Fingerprint: The fingerprint is not necessary, this is only for a self-signed certificate.


7. Click add and you will see PBS as storage on your PVE:


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