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Expand Owncloud/Nextcloud to daDup

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U can use daDup as storage for owncloud.

  1. Log in as a user that has rights to add external storage
  2. Go to the admin page in ownCloud
  3. Go to the external storage part
  4. Click on: add external storage
  5. Choose Amazon S3

You have received a hostname, Access key and Secret key from us.

  1. Give the external storage a name like in the example below (daDup S3)
  2. Choose Access key as authentication method
  3. Give in any random name at Bucket. Someting like Johniesowncloudbucket
  4. Fill out the hostname
  5. Leave the Port and Region empty
  6. Fill out the Access key and Secret key
external s3 daup storage


You can get ownCloud as a cloud service at
But first: Create a daDup account

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