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Delivering a password securely is quite difficult. Mailing is insecure, we don't hand over personal mobile phone numbers so sending via SMS or Signal isn't possible either. Moreover, it can also be difficult to get a complex password into the chat app on your phone. Exchanging with 2FA active becomes a hassle altogether. Hence this functionality.


How it works

When you log in to Portal and click on your login name at the top right and then Personal, you will see a tab with passwords.


Passwords are in portal under Personal and not Company. This prevents that when we share a password with a specific person, other employees can see it. You can then also decide who should be able to see the password within your company. And vice versa, when you want to share a password with us, you can specify that. If you don't, we won't see those passwords. So you can also use this feature to share passwords within your organisation.


It is not a password manager

Passwords are deleted after 30 days. The reason? It's a secure way of sharing passwords, but not the safest way to keep passwords permanently. After all, Portal needs to be able to display and thus decrypt the password, and for that, the key needs to be available to Portal. Something absolutely undesirable for a password manager that stores passwords permanently. By the way, viewing passwords is only possible if a user has also enabled 2FA.


Sharing 2FA

If you share login details from an account that has 2FA enabled, it will still not be possible to log in. That, of course, is what 2FA is for. Password leaked? Then the other person cannot log in. Totally as intended, but not useful in this case. That's why you can also store the 2FA secret with a password. This can then be used in the 2FA app so that 2FA does not need to be disabled on the account.


This may all sound a bit complex. 2FA, password sharing, decryption. That's why we recommend, log in to Haven't created a personal account yet? Then use the data from and then create a personal account immediately (top right > administrator > add user). After logging in, go to Personal in the top right and click on passwords.


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