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Store data in daDup with Archiware P5

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Configure daDup for Archiware P5 version 5.5 or later.

  • Log in to Archiware P5
  • Select "Backup" logo in top
  • Then select "Cloud Service" in the side bar
  • Then select "New Service" button at the bottom

Archiware P5 S3 1 Archiware P5 S3 2
You should get the following message:
Archiware P5 S3 3 Back in the main Archiware P5 window, click the "Add Cloud Storage" at the bottom.

Archiware P5 S3 4 Proceed with configuring. You may follow the Archiware manual or steps on their website when needed.
Archiware P5 S3 5 We thank Bureau de Beer for writing this how to. If you are looking for consultancy regarding Archiware, please check their site.

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