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[Closed] 14:30 en 15:30 CET connectivity issues

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Today there were brief disruptions in internet connectivity between 14:30 and 15:10.

The cause of these disruptions was a problem at one of our transit partners (ATOM86). Thanks to our redundant connections, you have only experienced this as short interruptions, which means that, for example, RDP sessions and telephone conversations are interrupted. After the traffic could be handled by ATOM86 again, that connection was automatically put back into use, which may also have caused a short interruption.
In the event of such outages, please be aware that even though our connections are switching, your customers may also be using ATOM86 and continue to have problems even though we are up again.

We have contacted ATOM86 to determine the cause and to see if the connection is reasonably stable now.

So far the connection seems stable. We keep close contact with ATOM86.

Update 30-07-21 1500u: ATOM86 has scheduled a emergency maintenance window.

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