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NL-IX temporarily disabled

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On of the large internet exchanges in the Netherands, NL-IX, is having some stability issues over the last couple of days. To prevent (further) nuisance, we have disabled all our peerings on the platform. As soon as NL-IX fixed their issues, we will re-enable the peerings.

NL-IX has discussed the issues with the vendor and is awaiting fixes. Until we have confirmation that the network is under control again, we keep the peerings disabled.

Our peering with NL-IX was re-enabled on September 18th. NL-IX announced maintenance on Friday (September 21).

Update September 21: NL-IX has been disabled on our netwerk again because we suspect network issues at their end. Joint Transit has been disabled as well.

Since NL-IX does not seem to be able to deliver a stable connection, the connection with NL-IX will be replaced.

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