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Our network at AMS / Maincubes will undergo maintenance (17-11-2023), all hosted services at Maincubes will be temporarily unavailable.

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Recently we've had several reports about slow backup speeds on our PBS001. After investigation we concluded the following:

One of our network switches located in Maincubes hasn't been performing as well as it should. This resulted in less than optimal speeds during read & writes for back-ups.


We're planning on upgrading the software running on our switches to get a more satisfactory result.

We expect this software upgrade to improve the speed of our customers' back-up speed, and allow for more bandwidth during busy periods.


All services hosted in Maincubes will be unavailable between 04:30 - 06:00 CET, this will include the following services:




- Dadup

- Dedicated Proxmox Servers hosted in Maincubes

- Colocation for all servers in Maincubes





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