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[Solved] Network issue

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9:50 We are currently experiencing network problems. We have started an investigation into the cause. We are currently not reachable by phone.
10:20 After work has been completed, services will start working again. We can be reached by phone again.
10:30 All services should work as before. If you are still having problems, please contact us. The cause is being investigated.

Update: Today at 09:45:00 a malfunction occurred during routine work on our routers in Ede. When adding a VIP and restarting the software that takes care of this, a software error has occurred.
As a result, both routers in Ede were unable to handle traffic correctly.

After manually restarting the relevant software, all services were available again at 10:18:06.
Services in Amsterdam and our shared hosting in Ede were available during the outage.

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