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[Solved] Network interruption Amsterdam

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Just now [05-05-2022 10:47] a network interruption occurred.
We are currently investigating the cause and impact.

Update [10:55] At this moment the coreswitch in Amsterdam seems to be causing the problem. Affected services: daDup, Proxmox Backup and services purchased in Amsterdam (colocation, Dedicated Proxmox Servers)

Update [11:15] The coreswitch in our datacenter in Amsterdam rebooted. We are investigating the cause. Services may become available since the switch is up again. We do not know if it will be stable.

Equipment, clusters and servers in Ede that were using storage in Amsterdam and have an SLA can again use the storage. We have restored the links. If you do not have an SLA, please check if disks using storage in Amsterdam are working properly again.

Update [12:50]
An SNMP walk on the switch has caused the switch to run out of memory and reboot. The network fully operational again.
Explanation: The snmpwalk command essentially automatically performs a whole series of getnexts for you, and stops when it returns results that are no longer within the range of the OID you originally specified. For example, if you want to get all the information stored on a machine in the system MIB group, you can use this command to do that. This command should not cause a switch to run out of memory. We will investigate this further.

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