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[23-05-2024] Extensive network maintenance

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On 23-05-2024 between 0.00 and 5.00 uur Tuxis will perform extensive network maintenance. During this maintenance window, we will replace the two core routers in Ede. The two existing Debian Linux based 10Gbit routers wil be replaced by two Vyos-based 100Gbit routers. So these new routers have a lot more capacity than the existing ones.


The steps to replaces these routers will be executed in such a way that the interuptions in the internetconnections shall be minimized. We expect a few interruptions of a few minutes. During these interuptions, clusters, virtual machines and colocated servers will not have a functioning internet connections. We will nót be powering down servers of customers.


During this maintenance, we will also relocate the connection between Ede and Amsterdam to our new switch infrastructure. This will cause an interruption of a few minutes.



Time: 23-05-2024 between 0.00 and 5.00

Impact: Internetconnections in the Tuxis network will be unavailable a few times, possibly up to some minutes

Result: New 100Gbit routers will be commisioned instead of 10Gbit routers



[Update 05:45]

The maintenance took a bit longer than expected, until 05:30. For this we apologise.

For most customers, the downtime has been limited to a few seconds. A small amount of customers may have had longer issues caused by a misconfiguration on the new routers.  At this time, everything should be in normal conditions. If this is not the case for you, please contact us immediatly.


The connection between Ede and Amsterdam has not been relocated. This will happen in a new maintenance window.

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