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[16-02-2024] Maintenance switching infrastructure

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Urgency: Planned, 16-02-2024 00.00 - 04.00
Impacted services: All services
Expected impact: Short downtime for selected racks, possible hickups on whole network
During this maintenance, we will reconnect some (customers) servers to our new switching infrastructure. We do expect between 10 and 60 seconds downtime per link. Impacted customers will be notified separately.
After reconnecting these servers, we will decommision one of our old switches in Tuxis-1, the Darwinstraat Ede, and reconnect the fiber that switch was using to our new switches. We will then have a full 100 Gbit ring between Tuxis-1, BIT-1 and BIT-2A. This reconnection should not cause interruption to traffic on the Tuxis network, but might cause a small hickup as the switches are converging to the new situation.

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