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[06-02-2024] Maintenance DMZ and storage routers

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Urgency: Planned, 06-02-2024 00.00 - 03.00
Impacted services: VPS's Ede, TCC Clusters with dadup storage
Expected impact: short interruptions on storage
During this maintenance, we will replace and upgrade our DMZ and storage routers. Bandwidth will be upgraded from a 2x 10Gbit link to a single 40Gbit link.
We wil switch-over between the routers a few times, which might cause hypervisors that are actively using daDup storage to experience short interruptions on that storage. We will make sure that all storage is working as expected after this maintenance.
Storage for our own VPS's goes through these routers as well. That is why the VPS's in Ede might experience some hickups as well.

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